On Tuesday 15 December we celebrated our first international webinar entitled: Natural Livestock Farming: an approach to reduce the use of anti-microbials and towards Sustainable Dairy Farming.” Under the able guidance of moderator Unnikrishnan Payyappalli the innovative approach in dairy farming based on the NLF 5-layer strategy was presented. Activities are now being implemented in the four countries India, Ethiopia, Netherlands and Uganda. This approach includes milk quality control, ethnoveterinary medicine, strategic use of local breeds, animal management improvements and local marketing.

In the presentations the latest experiences and achievements were highlighted, which lead to our common goal: healthy animals – healthy people – healthy environment. Since 2015 the NLF community in the four countries has together trained over 30.000 farmers and 2000 vets on ethnovet practices and safe use of herbal products. We have proof that this leads to not only to improved cattle health and improved milk quality, but also to improved farm income, local food supply and biodiversity. In other words: improved resilience. As a result, the adoption of ethno-veterinary medicine and other elements of the NLF concept is now growing rapidly.

Speakers during the webinar

  1. Katrien van’t Hooft – NLF approach, strategy and background – see presentation
  2. M.N.B. Nair – NLF experiences in India 
  3. Getachew Gebru – NLF experiences in Ethiopia
  4. Gerdien Kleijer – NLF experiences in the Netherlands
  5. Elizabeth Katushabe – NLF experiences in Uganda

If you want to know more about our work, become part of our network, or wish to receive the country presentations, please contact info@naturallivestockfarming.com

Recording of the webinar:

Recording details: 

0.00 – 3.30 : Welcome and Introduction by Dr Unnikrishnan Pappayyali
4.00 – 20.00 : General NLF presentation Katrien van’t Hooft
20.50 – 37.00 : NLF Ethiopia – Getachew Gebru
39.00 – 1.01.00 : NLF India – M.N.B. Nair
1.03.30 – 1.29.00 : NLF Netherlands – Gerdien Kleijer
1.32.00 – 1.52.00 : NLF Uganda – Elizabeth Katushabe