The recently published book entitled Medicinal Agroecology includes a chapter Ethno-Veterinary Science and Practices as alternative to antibiotics for certain veterinary diseases written by Dr. M.N.B. Nair and Prof. Natasan Punniamurthy. This chapter provides a historical perspective on EVP, current trends and medicinal plants and preparations used in India.

The chapter continues to detail the succesful method for documentation and rapid assessment of ethnovet practices based on folk knowledge, western veterinary knowledge and Indian Ayurveda knowledge, and the succesful strategy to mainstream Ethno Veterinary Practices in collaboration with National Dairy Development Board (NDDB). This resulted in large scale validation of the practices with data of clinical recovery of over 500.000 cases of 24 most common cattle diseases.  The average recovery rate was 81.4%. (Info from NDDP/INAPH: Information Network for Animal Productivity & Health)