NLF Ethiopia team

Dr. Daniel Temesgen

Animal Production professor, expert in pastoralist livestock production systems. Since 2019 President of Ethiopian Society of Animal Production (ESAP). Part of NLF executive board. Research Officer at Pastoralist Forum Ethiopia and engaged in Jigjiga University.

Dr. Taffese Mesfin (DVM)

veterinary pathologist and expert in traditional herbal practices in Ethiopia. He worked for the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture and several international NGO’s, currently general manager for the Ethiopian Milk Processors Industry Association (EMPIA) and chairman for the North East Africa Livestock Council (NEALCO). Published book the indigenous pastoralist veterinary practices of the South Omo agro-pastoral communities (2009). Engaged in Ethio-Feed PLC that produces innovative livestock feed products. Dr. Tafesse is part of NLF technical committee.

Dr. Adey Melesse

Researcher in livestock feeds and nutrition with Master of Science in Applied Microbiology, Addis Ababa University. Experienced researcher with a track record of working in national and international R&D environments. Researcher at Livestock Nutrition Program coordinator in Debre Zeit Research Centre. Participated in successful NLF-pilot in Debre Zeit area 2017-2019. Received AWARD fellowship in 2011 as African Woman in Agricultiural Research and Development.

NLF India team

NLF India is part of GLobal One Health Mission thru’ SIddayur International Wellness Approach (GLOHMSIWA) and directly collaborates with Trans Disciplinary University (TDU) in Bangalore as the Centre for Ethnoveterinary Science and Practice.

Prof. Balakrishnan Nair (MSc, Ph.D)

Emeritus professor, botanist at the University of Trans Disciplinary Health Sciences and Technology (TDU) in Bangalore. Head of NLF India – and part of NLF executive board. Dr. Nair has specialized in Ethno Veterinary Practices (EVP) which stood at the basis of the Centre for Ethno-Veterinary Science and Practices within TDU, encompassing the use of medicinal plants and other natural resources for livestock at national and international level

Prof. Punniamurthy (Ph.D)

Is Doctor veterinary medicine, ethno-pharmacologist and clinician specialized in the use of medicinal plants in livestock. Currently emeritus professor at Trans Disciplinary University TDU, Bangalore India. Initiated Together with Dr Nair author of numerous publications on Ethno Veterimary Practices (EVP) This team initiated the Ethno Veterinary Herbal Research Centre at Tamil Nadu Veterinary University (TANUVAS) as well as the unique EVP post-graduate diploma course for veterinarians. Prof. Punniamurthy is part of NLF technical committee.

Dr. Kumar (BAMS, MD)

Ayurveda Pharmacologists, expert in assessing the EVP based on Ayurveda principle. Within TDU team responsible for training farmers and veterinarians in Ayurveda practices and EVP

Prof. S. Sathesh Kumar (MVSc, Ph.D)

Head of department of Veterinary Gynecology and Obstetrics, in the Veterinary College and Research Institute (TANUVAS) in Thanjavur. Expert in In-vitro and In-vivo production of embryos in large ruminants and lab animals, Ethno-veterinary Practice in bovine infertility.

Dr. S.Sivaraman (MVSc, Ph.D)

Assistant Professor, Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine, Veterinary College and Research Institute,Namakkal-637002. Expert in Comprehensive Clinical evaluation and Therapeutic strategies in Recumbent cows (Downer cow Syndrome) and Physical examination of cattle and various clinical Procedures in Farm Animal Practice.

Over the past years this team has trained more than 3.500 veterinarians and 50.000 dairy farmers on the use of medicinal plants instead of antibiotics for reducing mastitis and other common cattle diseases. Since 2018 there is a close collaboration with NDDB, the National Dairy Development Board, which is heading the Dr. Nair and Prof. Punniamurthy have produced many scientific articles on their work.

NLF Netherlands team

Sjoerd Miedema

Dairy farmer and President of board of NLF Netherlands. Together with his son Douwe, Sjoerd is an innovative organic dairy producer at his farm the Nije Mieden in Friesland, the Netherlands. Active members of dairy cooperation and environmental organizations in Northern Netherlands.  Other board members of NLF Netherlands are veterinarian Jan van der Zee (secretary) and agricultural scientist Jeroen de Vries (treasurer)

Dr. Maria Groot (DVM, Ph.D)

Former researcher at Wageningen Food Safety & Research, until her retirement in 2023. She did a PhD on histological screening for illegal use of hormones in livestock production systems. She has outstanding  expertise in the field of medicinal plants and herbal products, previously heading the Herbs and Animal Health project of Wageningen university as well as the study group Animals and Herbs of Netherlands Association for Phytotherapy (NVF). She has produced the so-called stable booklets for farmers, e.g. on dairy. As part of NLF in the Netherlands she is engaged in the course for veterinarians on safe us of herbal products. Currently engaged as an independent advisor (mariagrootadvies) and technical advisor of NLF.

Gerdien Kleijer (DVM)

veterinarian with wide experience in use of herbs and herbal products in livestock; independent consultant sustainable agriculture, health and food; strategic agricultural advisor of Ede municipality; and staff member of Institute of Ethnobotany and Zoofarmacognosy in the Netherlands. Co-founder and actively engaged in NVF (Netherlands Phytotherapy Institute).

Michiel Vreriks (MSc)

Social scientist heading the Veterinary Knowledge Centre East Netherlands (VKON) – which is focusing on research, knowledge sharing and training on animal health issues. Several of his colleague-veterinarians participated in the E-Motive exchanges and are currently engaged within several NLF Netherlands. This includes the NLF database for farmers and veterinarians (in Dutch) as well as pilots, for example on herbs to prevent calf diarrhea.

Chantal Duijn (DVM)

Coach for professionals in veterinary and agrarian sector. Active in Veterinary Service East Netherlands (VKON) and NLF Netherlands.

Marieke de Louw (DVM, phytotherapist)

expert in natural ways of dairy farming and herbal management for livestock health, including natural ways of worm control. Engaged in NLF Netherlands projects with veterinarians and dairy farmers

Erna Post (DVM)

Working at veterinary practice Olst-Wijhe, the Netherlands, with expertise in improving livestock and sustainable farming systems. Actively engaged in NLF Netherlands and NLF international since the NLF exchange program with India in 2026.

NLF Uganda team

NLF in Uganda is a small but growing initiative, which has come out of the international exchange program the E-Motive exchange visit between Netherlands and Uganda in 2016, which resulted in the international collaboration as NLF Foundation. NLF Uganda is formally functioning under the umbrella of the Lake Mburo Farmers Cooperative Society (LMFCS) in Kanyanere near Mbarara, part of the Cattle Corridor in South West Uganda.

Elizabeth Katushabe

Livestock keeper who studied at Makarere University, Uganda. Head of NLF Uganda and part of NLF executive board. Important lobbyist for promoting local Ankole Longhorn cattle. Elizabeth headed the Ugandan branch of PENHA  (Pastoral and Environmental Network in East Africa) and is a well known speaker at international for a representing the voice of female cattle keepers. She has also collaborates with the League of Pastoral Peoples and LiFE network

Robert Kaijutsya

Smallholder dairy farmer collaborating with Elisabeth Katushabe. Robert studied social sciences at the university of Mbarara and started his career at the Igongo Cultural Centre in Mbarara.  Later on he decided to become a smallholder producer and dairy farmer, now the successful elected chairman of the Milk producers’ Cooperative in Kanyanere – famous for local yoghurt production and sales. The cooperative collaborated in the NLF trial with herbal trick remedies based on the recipes from TDU, India.

Dr. Christopher Kyeswa (DVM)

Ugandan veterinarian, community development practitioner for over 15 years; competence in designing and developing rural community development programs; vast experience in managing community development programs; NGO leadership and governance.executive director of Regenerate Africa – Africa 2000 network (A2N) in Uganda, as well as PELUM Uganda. Engaged in numerous activities related to farmer.