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NLF promotes knowledge about how to increase milk production in cows naturally.
We provide expertise from farmers and veterinarians engaged in both smallholder and large-scale dairy farming systems for:

NLF dairy farming courses

Join our training: How to increase milk production in cows naturally! Including use of herbal medicine, milk quality control, experiences in Dutch dairy farming and other.

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Exchange visits and pilots

Support to dairy programs: develop and test practical solutions for dairy cattle health problems in your area

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Webinars - free of cost

Online webinars on relevant topics including: NLF strategy, mastitis, milk quality, viral infections, natural worm control

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NLF Network

Our partners

International collaboration between partners from three continents: India (Asia), Ethiopia and Uganda (Africa) and Netherlands (Europe).

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About us

Who are we?

Our vision

Spearhead the One Health approach in livestock production: Healthy Animals – Healthy People – Healthy Environment

Our mission

Safeguard, expand and spread knowledge about natural ways to increase livestock health – leading to improved food quantity and quality, animal wellbeing and farm income, as well as reduced environmental pollution and anti-microbial resistance.

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Use our knowledge to increase milk production naturally!

Read about our activities, publications, presentations, news, films and more.

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