The cause

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Each country involved with NLF is facing their own challenges NLF works to safeguard, expand and spread knowledge about healthy animals based on what the natural environment has to offer, by:

  1. Building on a variety of knowledge systems in the world
  2. Combining grass-root expertise, especially from farmers & veterinarians – with scientific backup
  3. Multi country program, combining expertise from countries with a variety of farming systems, learning from each other’s mistakes and success
  4. Piloting solutions based on the NLF 5-layered strategy

NLF core activities are action research, exchange of best practices and training. The combination of bottom-up experimentation and peer to peer exchange is additional to existing initiatives in this field. This opens up opportunities that more conventional programs fail to unlock. And provides opportunity for increased farm income, better child nutrition, improved food quality and biodiversity.

Programs adapted to country priorities, with:


The Foundation for Natural Livestock Farming was formally registered in October 2014.
The Foundation is ANBI registered for charity funding since 1 January 2018.

Most of the funding for the activities is acquired through the respective partner organizations. Since 2014 over 3 million euros have been used for implementation of programs in the various countries. The funding for centralized activities through NLF Foundation are relatively small, and used for exchange activities and overall promotion and upscaling of NLF concept.

RSIN/Fiscal number: 858002528
Chamber of Commerce (KvK) number: 69764654.