NLF has a history of setting up successful international exchange programs. In 2014 and 2015 the E-Motive program of Oxfam Novib promoted exchanges of farmers and veterinarians between the Netherlands, India and Ethiopia/Uganda on reduction of antibiotic use in dairy farming. This resulted in several pilots international collaboration and pilots on specific challenges in cattle health, for example: Pilot natural tick control in Uganda (2017-2019), Pilot herbal control of calf diarrhoea in the Netherlands (2019).

The pilot or exchange program can focus on both smallholder and on large scale dairy farming

Are you interested in an exchange program on a specific cattle health problem? For example: Learning about natural control of mastitis, or on Natural calf health?

  • COVID-permitting, we can organize exchange a live-exchange visit in the cattle health field of your priority.
  • Alternatively we can organize an on-line exchange program.