On December 6 the International Dairy Federation (IDF) organized a succesful webinar together with NLF entitled Use of Herbs for Mastitis Control. Mastitis is the no 1 disease in dairy farming, for which most antibiotics are used for prevention and cure. Here you can find the PP’s presented:

  1. Dr. Jorge Pinto Ferreira, Food Safety Officer FAO Rome: Relevance of Mastitis Control_to Contain AMR
  2. Dr Katrien van’t Hooft, Natural Livestock Farming Foundation: Natural Livestock Farming: Integrated Cattle Health Approach for Smallholder and Large Scale Dairy
  3. Dr M.N.B.Nair, Trans Disciplinary University (TDU):  Transdisciplinary Validation of Ethno- Veterinary Formulation for Mastitis
  4. Dr. A.V.Harikumar, Deputy General Manager Animal Health, National Dairy Development Board (NDDB):  Experiences and Results of Herbal Mastitis Control in Indian Smallholder Dairy
  5. Dr Maria Groot, Researcher Wageningen Food Safety Research (WFSR): Reducing the Use of Antibiotics and Safety of Herbal Products in Dutch Dairy Farming