During the 2-day conference on Dairy Sector Transformationin Addis Ababa, organized by the Ethiopian Society of Animal Production (ESAP), the worldwide results of the Natural Livestock Farming approach were presented with experiences from India, Ethiopia, Uganda and The Netherlands. See NLF presentation at ESAP dairy conference

This gained international interest, especfially because of the possibility of a win-win-win-win, in terms of reduced antibiotic use as well as improved milk quality, milk quantity, farm income and environment. ESAP and the NLF Foundation are now requested to upscale the approach amongst Ethiopian smallholder farmers.

During the field visit to the dairy farmers in Debre Zeit that participated in the NLF pilot between 2018-2020, it became clear that farmers have embraced two major practices: using herbal recipes for five major cattle diseases including mastitis, and improvements in calf management.

This farmer proudly demonstrates the Aloe Vera plants in het homestead, used for mastitis treatment of her dairy cows. Her calf mortality is now reduced to zero!