During this World Antibiotics Awareness Week the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) in India organised a webinar Ethno Veterinary Medicine – an alternative to antibiotics in the dairy sector. It included participation of different partners within NLF, as well as National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), FAO and International Dairy Federation (IDF).

This event comes together with two new publications on EVP:

  1. CSE story on Ethnoveterinary medicines – Down to Earth Dec2022 entitled: Easy to Switch: Ethno Veterinary Medicine as a low-cost alternative to reduce antibiotic use in the Indian dairy sector (Deepak Bhati et al)
  2. NDDB updated EVM_Brochure Nov2022 Beautifully illustrated brochure elaborated by Trans Disciplinary University (TDU) with latest info on herbal treatment for the 20 most common dairy cattle diseases. On each of the pages you can scan the QR code for the video showing the preparation of the remedy.