Policybrief final november 2015-lr_Pagina_1Towards milk production with minimal use of antibiotics and other chemicals

With the increasing intensification of dairy farming worldwide, the use of antibiotics and other chemicals is growing. In this process the effect of excessive antibiotic use, in the form of Antibiotic/Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR), is causing international alarm. Antibiotic resistant microorganisms are causing human deaths, as well as other burdens on human health, animal health and the environment.

This policy brief aims to provide practical solutions that address the growing use of antibiotics and other chemicals in dairy farming worldwide. The solutions provided build on the E-Motive exchange program between veterinarians, farmers and researchers in four countries: the Netherlands, India, Ethiopia and Uganda, organized in the Natural Livestock Farming network. The practical solutions provided can contribute to the action plans of local, national and international institutions such as World Health Organization (WHO), Food and Agricultural Organization(FAO) and the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), as well as the One Health initiatives, to curb the global threat of anti-microbial resistance.

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