21921280849_e56e615745_zDuring a vibrant international event in the city council hall of the province of Overijssel in Zwolle, the Dutch platform ‘Natuurlijke Veehouderij’ and the international association for Natural Livestock Farming was launched on 1 October 2015.

Farmers, veterinarians and dairy experts from India, Uganda, Ethiopia and Netherlands work together to minimize the use of antibiotics and other chemicals in dairy farming. A broad range of practical solutions were shared and discussed during the launching event, see https://www.naturallivestockfarming.com/initiatives. Natural livestock farming can be achieved through a four layered strategy:

  1. Improve animal and farm management, adapt the animals and farm to local ecosystems and circumstances and keep resilient breeds.
  2. Use ethno-veterinary practices including medicinal plants to treat sick animals.
  3. Ensure effective milk quality control.
  4. Arrange for extra payment for milk and dairy products that are high quality and residue free.

Some 175 people from more then 10 countries participated in the symposium and agreed that natural livestock farming is possible if we are able and willing to combine different expertise in dairy from India, Africa and the Netherlands.

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