The activities of the Natural Livestock Farming network are in line with international policies such as the Global One Health Approach, endorsed by the World Health Organization, the European Union, the World Organization for Animal Health, and the United States Centres for Diseases Control and Prevention.

The three basic elements of this approach are:

  • Recognition of the inter-dependence of human, animal and environmental health
  • One Health is a major component of food security and safety
  • Disciplines such as economics and social sciences are included

In this approach the prevention of (infectious) diseases and antibiotic use is promoted as well as new technologies, such as phage therapy, new types of antibiotics and worldwide monitoring of human and animal health.

On March 3rd and 4th 2016, Natural Livestock Farming joined the One Health/EcoHealth Workshop in Brussels. The objectives of these workshop were:

    • Clarify some conceptual definitions/overlaps/specificities of One Health, EcoHealth, Planetary health, Global health, Biodiversity & Health, concepts
    • Starting from Belgian and neighbour countries expertise and experience, create an overview of the state of the art regarding One Health/EcoHealth in the North and the South, as well as inter-linkages.
    • Build connections and experience sharing between concerned participants working on related issues in science, practice, and policy, including between North and South.
      Focus on the challenge of putting concepts into practice.

Serve as inputs for international and European agenda on related issues. Elaborate recommendations for better implementation of the One Health/EcoHealth concept at the field and policy level.