A guide to keep your livestock healthy with herbs and other natural products. The Natural Health guides are available in both Dutch and English and can be found for 4 different livestock sectors: dairy cows, poultry, pigs and veal calves.

These booklets are intended to guide farmers through the ever increasing supply of herbs and other natural products on offer. Herbs and other natural products can support healthy animals in stressful situations or enhance treatment with conventional medication. The greatest added value of the use of natural products is disease and problem prevention. Which natural products have proven to be effective and which products might be effective, based on the currently available knowledge?

These guides aim to answer these questions. Because this type of knowledge is developing quickly, updates will be necessary from time to time. Besides general information on the use of natural products, the guids will also provide information on suitable (preventive) management measures in general and specifically for a number of health issues. The role of natural products in the application of these management measures will also be dealt with.

Natural Dairy Cow Health – Download the guide here
Natural Poultry Health – Download the guide here
Natural Swine Health – Download the guide here