CABI book 2012 – Sustainable Livestock Management for Food Security and Poverty Alleviation – (complete book)

In chapters:


  1. Trends in the Livestock Sector
  2. Livestock Development Approaches
  3. Methodologies, Organizations and Networks in Endogenous Livestock Development
  4. Differentiating Four Livestock Production Systems
  5. Livestock-keeping Systems and Poverty
  6. Characteristics of Smallholder Low-input and Diversified Livestock Keeping
  7. Characteristics of Smallholder More Specialized Livestock Keeping
  8. Changing from Smallholder Low-input and Diversified to More Specialized Livestock Keeping
  9. Recommendations for Smallholder Low-input and Diversified Livestock Keeping
  10. Recommendations for Optimizing Smallholder More Specialized Systems
  11. Finding Pathways to Markets
  12. Challenges and Best Practises in Livestock Development Support (Case studies)


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