NLF in global magazine on Antibiotic Reduction

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NEW STRATEGY TO REDUCE ANTIBIOTICS IN DAIRY FARMING is our recent publication in the December  MISSET special issue entitled Antibiotic Reduction - Embracing the Challenge. It is a general description of the objectives,activities and outcomes of the NLF work in both smallholder dairy farming (India, Ethiopia and Uganda), and large scale dairy farming in the [...]

New video on Calcium Deficiency in Dairy Cows

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The collaboration between NLF and Agro-Eco is bearing its first fruits, with a new video on Calcium Deficiency in Dairy Cows. It presents numerous practical possibilities of how to prevent 'milk fever' in dairy cows under smallholder conditions, taking Indian dairy farmers as an example. Milk fever is one of the common cattle diseases amongst [...]

SUCCES with NLF approach in ETHIOPIA

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During the 2-day conference on Dairy Sector Transformationin Addis Ababa, organized by the Ethiopian Society of Animal Production (ESAP), the worldwide results of the Natural Livestock Farming approach were presented with experiences from India, Ethiopia, Uganda and The Netherlands. See NLF presentation at ESAP dairy conference This gained international interest, especfially because of the possibility [...]

Deficient colostrum feeding crucial issue in dairy calf raising

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The knowledge on adequate colostrum feeding of newborn calves is strikingly inadequate amongst smallholder dairy farmers worldwide. This was one of the main conclusions of the recent NLF webinar on natural calf management organized on 31st August 2021. Many farmers mistakenly believe that calf diarrhea is the result of colostrum feeding, rather than a way [...]

Two NLF posters for conference Responsible Use of Antibiotics in Animals

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Between June 7-9 2021 the International Conference on Responsible Use of Antibiotics in Animals is organized by the CGIAR - Anti Microbial Resistance hub. As NLF we have developed two posters: Strategic international collaboration for reduction of antibiotic use in dairy farming - with info on the results of NLF in India and the Netherlands Improving cattle [...]

Student research on herbal remedies for parasite control

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Two groups of international students from Wageningen University have collaborated with NLF in the Netherlands to review literature and interview experts on herbal remedies for parasite control as part of the their MSc program on Academic Consultancy Training (ACT). The first group has focused on two types of internal parasites:  Faciola Hepatica (or Liver Fluke) [...]

NLF webinar 15 April 2021: Natural Approaches to Mastitis Control

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The second international webinar organised by Natural Livestock Farming Foundation was in coordination with Trans Disciplinary University (TDU) and Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF), both from India. The focus was on natural approaches to mastitis control - with the main aim to improve cattle health and reduce the use of antibiotics. For the interesting results of [...]

Succesful Natural Livestock Farming webinar – 15 December2020

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On Tuesday 15 December we celebrated our first international webinar entitled: "Natural Livestock Farming: an approach to reduce the use of anti-microbials and towards Sustainable Dairy Farming." Under the able guidance of moderator Unnikrishnan Payyappalli the innovative approach in dairy farming based on the NLF 5-layer strategy was presented. Activities are now being implemented in [...]

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