Book Ethnoveterinary Medicine 2020

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Going though old e-mails I encountered this book again, entitled Ethnoveterinary Medicine: Present and Future Concepts  (Springer 2020) edited by Lindy McGaw and Muna Ali Abdalla from Pretoria University, South Africa. The link provides the entry to the whole book. The book can be ordered here This important book contains three major parts, with a total [...]

Succesful IDF-NLF webinar Herbs for Mastitis Control

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On December 6 the International Dairy Federation (IDF) organized a succesful webinar together with NLF entitled Use of Herbs for Mastitis Control. Mastitis is the no 1 disease in dairy farming, for which most antibiotics are used for prevention and cure. Here you can find the PP's presented: Dr. Jorge Pinto Ferreira, Food Safety Officer [...]

Reviving lost Wisdom: New publications on Ethnovet Medicine

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During this World Antibiotics Awareness Week the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) in India organised a webinar Ethno Veterinary Medicine - an alternative to antibiotics in the dairy sector. It included participation of different partners within NLF, as well as National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), FAO and International Dairy Federation (IDF). This event comes [...]

World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2022

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The World Antibiotic Awareness Week takes place anually between 18 and 24 November. It is organized by global institutions such as the World Health Organization - and this year carries the slogan: Preventing Antimicrobial Resistance Together This year also includes a special occasion for NLF. On Monday November 21 the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) [...]

Clean milk production: what can be learned from the Netherlands and India?

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The Netherlands and India are both famous for milk production - both in very different ways. What can be learned from both countries? For an African country like Ethiopia? A PP on this topic was presented and discussed on September 16 during the recent conference of the Ethiopian Society of Animal Production (ESAP). On basis [...]

Ethno Veterinary herbal medicine presented at World Dairy Summit

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On September 13 the outcomes of the work on ethnovet medicine in India was presented by Prof. Punniamurthy during the World Dairy Summit of the International Dairy Federation (IDF) in Delhi, India. It was presented during the FAO-IDF session Innovative Solutions to AMR management under the title: Ethno Veterinary herbal medicine for clean milk production. [...]

Dutch Farmers in Distress!

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Today Dutch farmers are facing difficult times, because of government regulations planned related to reduce the excess of Nitrogen excretion of the sector. Due to the use of artifical fertilizer and concentrates in the process of scale enlargement and intensification, excess Nitrogen excretion has been an issue in Dutch farming, including the dairy sector, for [...]

High interest for NLF at Indian Centre of Agricultural Research

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As NLF foundation we were invited to present our activies to the Central Institute for Research on Cattle, part of the Indian Centre of Agricultural  Research (ICAR) - see invitation below. It generated much interest, especially because ethnovet medicine will now be included into undergraduate veterinary education all over India. Moreover, an order has been [...]

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