BIFAD 2015 AWARD for Dr. Getachew Gebru Tegegn

The Board for International Food and Agricultural Development (BIFAD) honored Dr. Getachew Gebru Tegegn, our Ethiopian partner in the E-Motive Exchange project, for his meritorious contributions to the "PARIMA Pastoral Women's Collective Action Project in Ethiopia and Kenya.

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View on Dutch Organic Dairy sector

As requested on the evaluation day at 4th October of the India/Uganda/Ethiopia/Dutch exchange in the Netherlands, more background information on organic dairy farming in the Netherlands so far. Hereby just a start. This document include an outline of the Dutch production situation, both organic and conventional, Dutch legislations and opportunities for conversion to organic farming, [...]

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International Association Natural Livestock Farming launched!

During a vibrant international event in the city council hall of the province of Overijssel in Zwolle, the Dutch platform 'Natuurlijke Veehouderij' and the international association for Natural Livestock Farming was launched on 1 October 2015. Farmers, veterinarians and dairy experts from India, Uganda, Ethiopia and Netherlands work together to minimize the use of antibiotics [...]

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POLICY BRIEF: The transition to Natural Dairy Farming

Towards milk production with minimal use of antibiotics and other chemicals With the increasing intensification of dairy farming worldwide, the use of antibiotics and other chemicals is growing. In this process the effect of excessive antibiotic use, in the form of Antibiotic/Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR), is causing international alarm. Antibiotic resistant microorganisms are causing human deaths, [...]

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International symposium: Green solutions for reducing antibiotics

Green solutions for reducing antibiotics International collaboration to promote the use, validation and marketing of herbal products in dairy farming This symposium will highlight the current state of knowledge on the use of herbal products, as well as other green solutions, to reduce antibiotic use in dairy farming in the Netherlands, India, Ethiopia and Uganda. It [...]

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Review of Evidence on Antimicrobial Resistance and Animal Agriculture in Developing Countries

Interesting article on ILRI website: the rise of antimicrobial resistance (lethal) and animal agriculture (critical): Their links in developing countries […]

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Herbs oust antibiotics

Because of restrictions on the use of antibiotics, livestock farmers are increasingly resorting to herbal remedies, bacterial drinks and other natural products to make and keep their animals healthy. Although there might not always be hard medical evidence, farmers sometimes get spectacular results from natural remedies. Please read this article in Wageningen World.

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More balance, less antibiotics – India exchange visit 2015

Last Wednesday, 23 April 2015, a mixed delegation of Ethiopians, Ugandan and Dutch livestock professionals went to India in addition to the Exchange visit from a Dutch delegation to Africa in March. This visit, which is part of the E-motive program, is sequential to the exchange between India and the Netherlands last year, enhanced by [...]

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Dutch delegation visited Ethiopian State Minister for Livestock Development

As part of the E-Motive Exchange visit (Exchange project between Netherlands and Ethiopia/Uganda on cattle breeding for resilient dairy farming and improved milk quality) a Dutch delegation of dairy experts visited the State Minister of Livestock Development in Ethiopia. The State Minister proudly presented the Ethiopian Livestock Master Plan for the next 15 years. This [...]

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