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The hidden effects of dairy farming on public and environmental health, considering the use of antibiotics and other agro-chemicals

The current and expected growth of the world’s population warrants an increased production of high-quality animal protein. Dairy farming is regarded as one of the important ways of satisfying this need to meet the growing demand for milk, especially in developing countries. Increased use of antibiotics The focus on crossbreeding and increasing the productivity of [...]

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Great interest for NLF Antibiotic reduction strategy at World Bank

This week Katrien van’t Hooft, director of Dutch Farm Experience, presented the experience of the Natural Livestock Farming network related to the strategy developed to reduce antibiotics in dairy farming in two World Bank meetings. How to reduce antibiotics in dairy farming? On invitation of Steven Jaffee, Lead Agriculture Economist and Global Lead, Food Quality [...]

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Ruminants and methane: not the fault of the animals

Cattle and sheep are blamed for contributing to greenhouse gases, belching out methane, and farmers in the future are likely to be taxed because of it. The recent Green Left Weekly climate change liftout [issue #1078] calls for a drastic reduction in sheep and cattle numbers. There is a TV advertisement, urging people to “go [...]

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Review on Antimicrobial Resistance

See paper published by the independent Review on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), in which they consider the impact of antibiotic use in animals, particularly the agricultural sector, as well as the release of antimicrobials and resistant bacteria into the environment from animal use, human use and manufacturing plants.

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Agroecology Case Study: Reviving the Ankole Longhorns of Uganda

Ankole Longhorn cattle can survive in extremely harsh, dry conditions such as those in Sub-Saharan Africa – which is becoming drier and hotter. In a context where herders are strongly encouraged to keep exotic and hybrid cattle, the innovative LIFE approach led Ugandan herders to revalue the Longhorns for their economic and cultural value. Read [...]

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Natural Livestock Farming India platform launched

The India donor and knowledge holders meeting This meeting was held at TransDisciplinary University (TDU) in Bangalore. The participants represented dairy cooperatives such as KMF and MILMA, NGOs such as Oxfam India and Solidaridad, researchers from various universities and policy makers a.o. from Netherlands Embassy in New Delhi. The participants stressed the need for cooperation to [...]

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Milk from State contains least quantity of antibiotic residue, says study

Last Saturday the Indian Donor and Knowledge Holders Meeting, sponsored by Natural Livestock Farming took place in Bangalore. The main purpose of the meeting was to crate an Indian Knowledge Application Platform for NLF. The mission was to achieve "One Health" (human, livestock and environment) based on natural products and holistic knowledge. See also article [...]

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