vision and mission

The Foundation for Natural Livestock Farming (NLF) focuses on fund raising activities in order to support and implement natural livestock farming activities world wide.

  • The common goal is to promote field pilots and knowledge exchange on natural livestock farming based on the NLF-5-layered approach.
  • The final goal is to promote food security, food quality and sustainable agriculture by reducing the use of antibiotics and other chemicals in dairy farming. NLF contributes to a better world in which milk and other livestock products are produced in a sustainable way: a way in which soil is enriched, animals live well, farmers get a decent income and milk is healthy and without chemicals.

The Foundation for Natural Livestock Farming is the sister foundation of  Platform Natuurlijke Veehouderij, the Dutch branch of the NLF network.


  1. Knowledge gathering and sharing through pilots with the Natural Livestock Farming approach for reduction of antibiotics (India, Ethiopia, Netherlands) and acaricides (Uganda)
  2. Lobby and communication
  3. Strengthen national platforms on natural livestock farming

The Foundation aims to achieve her goals by collaborating with (inter) national partners to obtain funds for field-based pilot programs on natural livestock farming. Project funds are provided for field activities based on the following criteria:

  • Does the project contribute to the goal of improved animal health and reduced use of antibiotics and other chemicals in dairy farming?
  • Does the project contribute to improvement of the situation of the local population/livestock keepers?
  • Will the outcome of the pilot be shared with other stakeholders?
  • Can the funds from the Foundation contribute to the complete realization of the projected activities?